Reptilian Energy Grid Is Being Taken Down

The Andromeda Council stepped in to raise our vibration so we are now awakening and so we are able to see these Alpha Draconian Reptilians in their real form, but at the moment their energy grid is being taken down.

Reptilians frequency is lower 4D, so before this worldwide awakening, our frequency was 3D therefore we could NOT see them but they have ALWAYS been here.

We are all at different stages of ascending to 5D in which they can no longer exist.

The Draconians and their technology will NOT be able to service planet Earth and many thousands of these beings have been taken off planet already, so apparently there are only approximatly 200 Draconians that reside underground now plus we have all the celebrity hybrid shapshifters here – they were created to be idolized.

The Draco Empire originated and still dominate the planets in the Orion’s Belt which we now call The Milky Way.

Our awakening is from the suns solar flares which activates our unused DNA Condons, solar flares are being forced through to us by benevelent E.Ts from the Andromeda Council, this is the exact reason that we now see these human hybrids real form on youtube etc and also in person if you have the chance…they are mostly people in power or celebrities…