Why Aliens Abduct!

These aliens have a nefarious plan when they abduct humans, and its not our gold or diamonds, nor do they need any other resources from us.

They do not want us for food source either, so what do they want?!


They want a tiny gland in our heads, the pineal gland, our all important ‘third eye’. The Pineal Gland releases a chemical at time of death. Whilst they extract this exraordinary chemical, u live in a dream status until it is all released from your body.

These chemicals cannot be mined, refined or copied in the exact effect, except from the human skull.

When you dream your pineal gland extracts copious amounts of these chemicals.

What actually occurs is your mind goes into dreamlike state so your soul becomes released from your body and it channels through an inter-dimensional source much like a long tunnel. Its a conduit to another dimension and you go to that higher plane of existance…heaven, hell or whatever your religion may be…

Everyone dreams when they die and usually see their deceased pets or relatives, whereas in this instance they are really in limbo (in a different dimension also) but does it really matter where you are if you feel total bliss, be it another dimension or up in the sky or heaven?

Well thats where you go and thats what makes humans very important to aliens, ‘they want to collect our collective consciousness’, and with it they remove the chemicals from our pineal glands at time of death.

They can get our chemicals anytime by putting a person in dream mode or REM sleep mode, the aliens can just open up a conduit to travel through time and space instantly. But when u die you dream when your soul is released from your body, you are unaware and in total bliss.

Its a rare chemical, you cant mine the pineal gland fullstop or copy these chemicals from our pineal gland in our skull.

It obviously releases copious amounts of this valuable of these chemicals for them to travel through space and time…and only human beings have it!

Mostly they capture a person and keep them in that moment of death – they cant travel time and space without it. FULLSTOP.

So using this chemical is the only way they can acheive the ability to suddenly appear and disapear.

They can achieve the luxury of appearing and disapearing anywhere in time and space with this and ONLY this chemical, so therefore “we are the technology that they want”.

By MissProductions.com