indigo’s Characteristics

Starseed’s give new meaning to the eternal and only truth, and the ultimate reality of all beings on the universe…

Starseeds are responsible at this time to give new shape to old concepts that no longer serve humanity in this stage of transition and to give new emphasis to values, morals and priorities…

Workers of the light and Starseeded souls are constantly enduring new waves of attunement and “DNA Activations” throughout their lives…

The Starseed program began with the first wave Indigo children named the “Alpha Indigo’s”, they were seeded into humanity starting from the 50s and 60s, to help try to raise the consciousness of humanity. 

These spiritually gifted Indigo’s were actually discovered by psychic’s due to their glowing Indigo color Aura. 

After this “Alpha Indigo” group were incarnated on earth, the program was paused until a later date due to the population not yet being ready for these gifted children…(now Adults). 

This would have been sad that these first ever Indigo’s, as they had to endure quite a lonely existence because the rest of the world just did not understand, and were afraid of their psychic abilities etc, therefore they were often called Witches because they were different. In addition to this they usually never married or had many close friends, they mostly became like hermits and very lonely people because their werent enough them seeded at one time, so they didnt usually find their soul groups, nor twin-flames as they too were sparsely placed around the world, 

Then, finally they took a leap of faith again in the 80’s and 90’s and sent the second group of Indigo Children called the “Beta Indigo’s”, and they have flourished this earth with all the new starseeds ever since!

With each generation the children that were seeded, seemed to flourish, sharing their gifts and spiritual wisdom worldwide.

So they have now become the “Crysyal Children” and now we welcome the new “Rainbow Children”, due to their corrolating Aura colors!

Here is a list of common Starseed Facts:

  • It is interesting to note that many Starseed’s have their first awakening experience around age 5.
  • Most Starseed’s have endured a traumatic event around the age of 11.
  • Amount of sleep varies; about half of Starseed’s need a lot, as opposed to those who do not.
  • About half are attracted to the star Sirius, along with Orion, Pleiades and Arcturus.
  • Many have had UFO experiences.
  • Many are interested in the ‘cover up’ of UFO’s.
  • Television viewing is usually composed of talk shows, documentaries and science fiction.
  • Past life experiences mention Egypt most often, second is Ancient England, followed by France, Ancient Israel, Mexico and also Atlantis!
  • Not all Starseed’s feel endowed with the gift of Prophecy, but many do & are naturals at Channellings.
  • Some Starseed’s express tension when they do not yet feel they know their mission, or purpose in this Ascension.
  • Starseed’s seem to be broad-minded and very understanding of our changing times.
  • Many Starseed’s are loners that seek out their Galactic Soul Group and Twin Flames through use the internet forums.
  • More and more Starseed’s are being “walked” into, because adult bodies are very much a desire for extraterrestrial souls to be in so they can participate and bear witness to, the coming exciting times of this acension on earth.

Starseed Traits & Stats List:

  • 92% have a lower than normal body temperature.
  • 73% have low blood pressure.
  • 65% have chronic sinusitis.
  • 10% have “transitional DNA”
  •  10% hsve an extra rib, a missing vertebra  or an extra vertebra called a tale.
  • 85% have a rare Rh Negative blood Type.
  • 10% have both a vertebral anomaly and also rare blood type.
  • 84% are highly sensitive to light.
  • 72% are sensitive souls due to an abundance of empathy.
  • 10% have a missing vertibrae
  • 72% are sensitive to the touch.
  • 84% are emotionally sensitive.
  • 46% suffer from swollen or painful joints.
  • 69% endure pain or discomfort in the back of their neck.
  • 60% are adversely affected by high humidity.
  • 80% of Starseeds had “unseen friends”as children.
  • 77% of Starseeds hear a whine, a clicking or a buzzing preceding, or during a psychic event.
  • 90% of Starseeds have never tried ‘recreational Drugs’.
  • 84% of Starseeds are definately ‘night people’.
  • 53% have unusual natural abilities in the field of art.
  • 65% have unusual natural abilities in the field of music.
  • 26% have unusual natural abilities in the field of math.
  • 65% have unusual natural abilities in the field of healing.
  • 42% have unusual natural abilities in the field of acting.
  • 53% have unusual natural abilities in creating new inventions.
  • 84% have unusual (intense) or compelling eyes.
  • 88% consider themselves to be natural empaths, who take on the problems, feelings and pains of those around them.
  • 69% of Starseeds are drawn to Eagles.
  • 69% are drawn to Rocks.
  • 92% are fascinated by the Stars.
  • 71% are drawn to Lilac colors.
  • 88% are drawn to natural Crystals.
  • 76% get very excited by electrical storms.
  • 96% enjoy nature and an attraction of pets and animals.
  • 53% of Starseeds find the name, Leah or Lia has great meaning.
  • 92% of Starseeds often see a bright light with closed eyes.
  • 73% of Starseeds have been alerted that”Now is the Time”.
  • 100% of Starseeds believe in reincarnation.
  • 58% of Starseeds have classical music as their favorite genre.
  • 58% of Starseed’s prefer to read metaphysical books.
  • 88% regard death as merely a transition or a process.
  • 92% felt their father and mother were not their parents.
  • 91% have always suspected they had alien or ET ancestors.
  • 96% insists that they have always yearned for their”true home”.
  • 89% experience an inner feeling of great urgency.
  • 80% envision they are on an urgent timetable.


JUNE 11th, 2017

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