Getting to know your spirit

Get to know your spirit and who you really are: a divine Spirit and child of the Cosmos. It focuses on distinguishing who you really are! Your false self (your ego) from your true authentic self (your spirit)
The very first step toward loving yourself and living your spirit is recognizing who you really are. So many of us have grown up believing that were unacceptable, sinful, even contemptible beings. We’ve often been told that we’re somehow tainted, broken and consequently, basically unlovable.

Whatever cultural, religious or psychological reasons are behind this message, our acceptance of the notion that we’re unworthy comes from our tendency to seek love from the outside. We’ve been let to believe that we’re only our ego or personality and the one we have is just not good enough. Along the way we’ve also been told what feels like a billion times from a billion different people, that unless we do what others want us to do, we don’t deserve to be loved…and won’t be.


In relentless ways we’ve been indoctrinated to have low self esteem and to measure our worth and lovability by our capacity to win approval. If we’re good at winning it, we feel loved and lovable. If we aren’t so good at doing so, we feel unloved and unlovable. The trouble is, no one can possibly earn enough approval to feel securely loved for their entire life. Approval is much too unpredictable for that.


Seeking love through our egos, from the outside in, is a doomed prospect because our egos which are not our true selves can never be loved enough to feel satisfied, and because we can never control what’s outside of us consistently we’ll never succeed if we seek to love ourselves in this way. Deep down most of us realize that we can’t find adequate self love through gaining approval from others. We can only find it by it and appreciating and valuing ourselves from within, from a place that goes deeper that ego or personality.


The key is recognizing that we are all divine spirit – as beautiful unique creations of god. The holy mother or father god breathed life into us al,l and delights in our existence in every way. It is up to us to do the same.


Self-love starts with knowing that we are spirit. We have bodies. We have personalities. We have histories, stories and experiences…But we are not those things we are spirit. Our bodies, egos, intellects and personalities are tools that our spirit uses to express itself in our physical embodiment. They are useful. They color and influence our experience. They affect our outlook, behavior, responses and choices.They make life interesting, but they’re nevertheless only implements forf our spirit to use. They are not who we are.

I say “our spirit” because just as there’s only one fire there’s only one spirit. Just as flames in a fireplace, a lighter, a barbeque and a forest fire are all expressions of one element, we too are all unique expressions of a single spirit.

If that’s true, and the one divine holy spirit gives all of us life, then it leads us to conclude that there are no “others”, no outsiders whose approval we must seek. There’s just us. In other words there’s no other spirit separate from us, judging us. Were made of the same stuff, evolving and learning at different paces and in different ways of course, but still the same.


If you look at yourself and at life through the lens of your ego, you’ll feel isolated, ganged up on, alone, different and not part of the crowd. If you look through the lens of spirit, knowing we’re all one, you’ll always feel safe, secure and loved. Although you may have a less than outstanding personality, a less that sharp intellect and a less than Hollywood figure, your nevertheless a gorgeous, beautiful, wondrous, miraculous manifestation of spirit…for it is nothing short of a miracle when the holy spirit descends into your being with your first breath the body is formed but without that breath of life, that spark of divine consciousness, there’s no you.


Your Divine, your made of light, love and grace. Your holy, and your body and personality are the caretakers of this sacred presence. To house the divinity in your being, in your physical self is a gift and it should be a pleasure! To accept your true nature is a huge undeniable step toward self-love