Astral Abductions

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.  We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.  This mind is the matrix of all matter.”    Max Plance

This article was originally written by by Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., MCP, PhD. Being a contactee myself, the first time was a physical abduction 26yrs ago i believe they astral abduct me during REM sleep these days…i suspect as i get strange markings appear but with no time loss as with the physical abductions. So i really wanted to share this amazing research with you guys as i believe this is one of the most amazing research papers I’ve found. It will provide a summary of different ways that humans may encounter non-human intelligent beings, a phenomenon which for simplification purposes, we shall refer to as “ET contact”.

Our primary focus will be on interactions with beings usually associated with unidentified flying objects; UFOs.

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to approach this subject from an entirely novel conceptual viewpoint – The Paranormal/Quantum Hologram Theory of ET contact (“PQH Theory”).  The PQH approach views UFO contact as a complex phenomenon that can potentially be explained by the physics of an all-pervasive multi-dimensional Quantum Hologram (QH).

The QH Theory is a proposed framework in modern physics that can encompass the physical as well as the spiritual and other so-called “paranormal” aspects of our reality.In our culture, people often attempt to understand the phenomenon of alleged ET contact by artificially classifying the subject into two distinct and non-related categories.

On one hand, there are claimed mental or telepathic interactions with a “spirit world” that may involve the “channeling” of information from unseen entities. Secondly, there is direct physical contact where actual flying vehicles and humanoid beings are sighted. The vehicles and beings then interact with our senses and the physical environment.

These two distinct categories of anomalous experience have been accepted with very little question by mainstream ufologists.  Seldom do the two worlds overlap in the minds of hard core researchers.

The UFO phenomenon however, is demonstrably more complex than that, and often times, both types of interactions will occur during the same contact events.

Researchers who cannot recognize this are thus missing important aspects of this profoundly mysterious set of phenomena.  I would argue that a fundamental characteristic of the contact experience thus remains unrecognized, and that the whole picture is not being accurately represented.

The Quantum Hologram Theory is an extremely complex and flexible model derived from quantum physics.  This theory has the potential to help us explain and perhaps even to predict many of the phenomena traditionally associated with ET contact that we tend to regard as “paranormal”, or seeming to defy known physical laws

What exactly is a “hologram”? 

The term first entered popular culture in the early 1960’s, and is primarily associated with a form of 3D photography where objects to be photographed are illuminated by a laser beam and are essentially captured “in the round”.  Lightwaves bouncing off of objects in space then collide and form “interference patterns” which intersect and encode all of the spacial information about the illuminated objects 180 degrees around them.

Additionally, holographic photography exhibits a very strange property:  Any fragment of a holographic film contains all the information to reproduce the entire original 3D scene, no matter how small the fragment.  Thus, the term “holographic” has come to refer to a condition where a fragment contains all of the information to reconstruct the whole of which it was a part.

Therefore, in popular language, holograms have thus become synonymous “holism”, unity, and the principle of “as above, so below.”  A short precise definition of holography is a way of encoding and recording vast amounts of information by using intersecting bundles of cascading and reflecting waves.

Given that quantum physics is predicated upon the concept that all of creation is built up of particles that also act like waves, it is only a natural extension of current theory to postulate that naturally occurring hologram
image processes should also manifest throughout the universe.

Early holographic theories were first proposed by the celebrated physicist/mathematician David Bohm, and a neurophysiologist named Karl Pribram who was attempting to understand how information is stored in the brain.

The newly formulated Quantum Hologram theory states that our universe, instead of being a 3-dimensional spatial construct, is actually more like a holographic image built up by interacting vibratory waves, like colliding ripples on the surface of a pond.  This is a difficult concept for non-physicists to understand, but the movie “The Matrix” might provide a visual image reference for what this multi-dimensional reality could be like.

The Quantum Hologram Theory postulates that at the subatomic scale of matter, the realm of the super small, everything in the universe is interconnected and not separate. Even though our physical senses and our brain might perceive the world as solid, we may actually live within a vibrating energy matrix composed of fluctuating particle-waves.

Viewed from this perspective, our perceptions of physical solidity and spatial separation are illusions.  Ideas that run parallel to this notion can be found in many ancient mystical and spiritual traditions the world over.

If this principle can be established as true within the framework of Western science, there would be, for example, no fundamental distinction between ET contact events that might or might not involve the sighting of a physical craft.  A mental or telepathic interaction could be seen as potentially just as valid and just as testable.

Scientists would then have a new paradigm from which to as question and design experiments.

Furthermore, this new holographic theory challenges us to deconstruct the artificial wall of separation erected between events that occur only in consciousness, and those that can manifest on a physical scale.  We may now have a powerful new tool for probing some of the most profound mysteries of human experience.

One approach to the study of alleged ET contact is to strictly focus upon the spiritual and paranormal aspects of this phenomenon. Historically, a great deal of human literature has zeroed in on this aspect of anomalous contact in general, as reflected in the many religious, secular and folkloric traditions which discuss interactions with spiritual beings.

Ufos image

This spiritual/paranormal approach has recently become very popular once again with the introduction of numerous reality TV shows whose focus is on ghosts and spirits.  In essence, our popular culture is gradually making a 180 degree turn away from its all pervasive mainstream acceptane of machanical materialism.

Historically, this is somewhat of a return to earlier attitudes. during the late 1800s, “Spiritism”  and “Spiritualism”   movements were quite popular, even within the scientific community, where the “spirit world” was regarded as a legitimate subject for research.  It also provided a popular outlet for social gatherings such as parlor sĂ©ances in Europe and the US.

The 19th Century Spiritism movement eventually gave rise to the Theosophical Society in the late 1800s, where the phenomena of extrasensory perception (ESP) became popular subjects of practice and study; mental telepathy, psychokinesis, spirit channeling, precognition, “spiritual healing”, near death experiences (NDEs), out of body experiences (OBEs), scrying–now called remote viewing, ghosts, poltergeists, reincarnation, human energy fields or auras, and so forth.  These exotic, somewhat elusive human abilities would eventually be pressed into service when exploring the emerging ET contact phenomenon that surfaced following World War II.

A second approach to understanding ET contact is to view it strictly as a physical phenomenon as exemplified by the traditional “nuts and bolts” attitude of mainstream ufology. This approach has amassed an enormous amount of compelling physical and photographic evidence over many decades. Unfortunately, it has also failed to deliver a definitive “smoking gun” example of an intact and indisputable alien spacecraft into the laps of the scientific community. Some would argue that clandestine military projects have indeed recovered such irrefutable evidence, but such material has never been openly shared with the public. Civilian “nuts and bolts” UFO groups have actually given us plenty of hard core circumstantial evidence suggesting that UFOs do indeed represent vehicles of unknown origin.

That evidence however, has never been officially allowed to deliver the “knock-out punch” needed to convince recalcitrant skeptics and media pundits.
Professional debunkers have successfully continued to use ridicule to suppress this overwhelming body of evidence.  Regardless, nuts and bolts ufology has done its homework well.  If allowed into a court of law without prejudice, the evidence in favor of physical UFO reality would be more than convincing.

Ufologists who have favored the nuts and bolts approach have tended to shy away from subjective claims of telepathic contact and visionary experiences associated with UFO sightings. They generally have distrusted individuals who have claimed to be “contactees”, many of whom have reported highly complex and sophisticated interactions with non-human intelligence.

Starting primarily during the early 1950s, a popular “Contactee Movement” emerged during numerous waves of UFO sightings that occurred over the US, Western and Eastern Europe. Individuals claiming to have been approached by “saucernauts” became quite vocal.  They formed national organizations, gave public lectures, authored pamphlets, books, and even lobbied government agencies.
Contactee’s frequently claimed to have received ethical and spiritual messages from visiting extraterrestrials.  They often reported hearing warnings about nuclear weapons, environmental destruction, and messages promoting world peace.  According to the early contactee’s, ETs offered to help human beings attain a greater level of spiritual awareness, and to help us to solve many of the most vexing problems on Earth.

Nuts and bolts ufologists often tried to distance themselves from such claims, fearing to be associated with hoaxers who could discredit their research.

Meanwhile, a shift began to occur regarding the nature of UFO contact in the early 1960s.  Reports of friendly ET contacts diminished, to be gradually replaced by reports describing clinical, even hostile-seeming “abductions” of humans onto alien craft, where they were subjected to invasive physical examinations.


“Abductees” began to report gynecological-like exams where reproductive material was taken from both men and women.  Women reported mysterious pregnancies that would appear and then suddenly vanish.

Victims often reported having physical implants inserted into their bodies, similar to tracking devises that human conservationists attach to the bodies of endangered species.  Beginning in the early 1990s, a significant number of such alleged anomalous implants have actually been recovered by surgeons.  These artifacts may represent convincing physical evidence supporting the core abduction hypothesis.

Men and women have both reported a phenomenon that became known as “missing time”, a form of telepathically enforced amnesia whereby abductees could not account for hours on board strange craft.

The use of hypnotic regression to re-kindle these allegedly suppressed memories became very popular during the 80s and 90s.  During these decades, the abduction phenomenon rose to prominence, gradually displacing earlier claims of friendly encounters with ET.

Nuts and bolts ufologists who tended to favor a materialist interpretation of the phenomenon gradually and cautiously began to accept the abduction scenario as the only legitimate form of human-ET contact case worthy of study.
The abduction scenario appeared to fit well with and to reinforce a set of assumptions that flowed from our experience and social history:  Invasion, conquest, exploitation are the human norms; why should we expect ETs to behave any differently toward us?

The spiritually and ethically oriented contactee reports of the past lost legitimacy, and were all but forgotten. Ufology had entered an era of one-sided myopia.  This however, may be about to change.

A deeper look into the UFO contact phenomenon reveals the opposite.  Rather than strictly adhering to a nuts and bolts physical presentation, these encounters readily display very complex interactions that involve both physical and consciousness-oriented paranormal components.  There is communication, empathy, physical healing, attempts to transmit spiritual insights and to awaken a broader awareness in the humans who are being contacted.  The common use of telepathy and altered states of consciousness are reported.  Numerous modern contactees have also reported receiving telepathic “downloads” of scientific or technical information from their hosts, much of which is well beyond the understanding or the educational levels of these percipients.

There are even reports of “mass abductions” where hundreds, perhaps thousands of humans at a time have been allegedly taken onboard huge spacecraft where they are subjected to environmentally-oriented indoctrination sessions, and where ETs implore them to take responsibility for saving the planet.

If one takes into consideration the full diversity of the modern day UFO contact experience, one is left with a scenario that departs sharply from the standard abduction motif.

Today, one can make a strong argument that a full-spectrum, unfiltered description of the ET contact experience is more closely aligned with the spiritual and paranormal claims of the early contactees.  These descriptions also include paranormal occurrences that would be readily explainable within the Quantum Hologram Theory being outlined within this article.

Numerous investigators and scholars have substantiated the strong spiritual and paranormal aspects of ET contact phenomena.  In my opinion, the preeminent academic study that crossed the boundary between the physical versus the spiritual paradigms is a work entitled “The Omega Project:  Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large” by Dr. Kenneth Ring, one of the world’s top academic students of Near Death Studies.

“The Omega Project” compared a large sample of several hundred individuals who had claimed either a Near Death Experience or an “Abduction” experience.

Please note that both of these population groups claimed to have experienced “human contact with non-human intelligences”, be they angelic spirit guides, deceased relatives, or visiting extraterrestrials.  Dr. Ring’s conclusion, also shared by many ET contact researchers, is that both the NDE and UFO abduction experiencers are basically the same person!

Dr. Ring states that  â€śâ€¦ the most striking findings of the Omega Project, and perhaps the most thought-provoking, are those that point to a pervasive pattern of wide-ranging and powerful psychophysical changes following either a UFO abduction or NDE experience.”

A “psychophysical” change refers to an alteration that involves both MIND and BODY.  Dr. Ring states that these encounters may actually “REPROGRAM” an experiencer’s “physiological and nervous system so as to make that individual inwardly and environmentally more sensitive”.

Dr. Ring’s observations regarding the belief and value shifts that occurred to both NDE and UFO abduction experiencers are just as startling.  He states they “are tantamount to an entirely new worldview”.  Here are just a few of his findings:
1)  both groups became more altruistic, bearing greater social concern; an increase in spirituality and a decrease in materialism.


2) an increased concern for ecological and planetary welfare.

3) both experiencers did not become more religious, rather they become more spiritual.

4) both groups agreed that “we are in the midst of an evolutionary spurt toward greater spiritual awareness and higher consciousness”.

5) UFO experiencers agree that “higher order intelligence’s” are NOT exploiting the planet and “overwhelmingly concur with the assertion that higher intelligence’s are concerned with the earth’s welfare”.


Dr. Ring’s exhaustive study clearly illustrates an unequivocal congruence between contact experiences that seem to originate from the “spirit world”, and ET contact experiences derived from allegedly physical UFO abduction encounters.
Dr. Ring has also established that UFO contactees appear to have frequently experienced the following “paranormal” phenomena:  Extrasensory perception (ESP); precognition; psychokinesis; the ability to channel; have engaged in “spiritual healing”; had experienced NDEs and/or OBEs either before or after the UFO experience; were able to remote view; encountered various spirits, ghosts, poltergeists after their UFO contact; were able to see human auras, and so on.

Observations corroborating those of Dr. Ring can also be found in the research studies and books authored by many members of FREE’s Board of Advisors. Those scholars and authors include Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb, Dr. Jon Klimo, Marilyn Hughes, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Whitley Strieber, as well as the observations and writings of the late Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. John Mack.

For all of the above reasons, I now approach ET contact from a non-traditional perspective, one that embraces both spiritual and paranormal aspects, as well as decisively physical manifestations.

How then can one explain this interplay between the so-called “spiritual” and material worlds presented to us by the UFO evidence?  I argue that interactions between human and non-human entities unfold within a quantum holographic universe where there is no fundamental separation between “us” and “them”.  The Quantum Hologram Theory is fully capable of elucidating complex interactions between the “spiritual” and the “physical” aspects of these phenomena, which in fact are not separate, but are two faces of one reality.

As stated at the beginning of this article, there are numerous mechanisms whereby human beings may experience contact with non-human intelligence.  For nuts and bolts ufologists, it has been difficult to understand how non-human entities appear not to be constrained by the tangible realities of vast distances, physical spaceships, planets and stars; how they may walk through walls or speak mind-to-mind.  These beings don’t simply fly around in physical UFOs.  They also appear to traverse non-physical realms as readily as we do the physical.

Likewise, for tens of thousands of human near-death survivors, their “spiritual” experiences are perceived as even MORE real to them than the reality that you and I normally inhabit.  Thanks to the ground breaking work of scholars like Dr. Kenneth Ring, Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb, the late Dr. John Mack, and so many others, we are beginning to understand how these issues are connected.  With help from the new Paranormal Quantum Hologram Theory, as articulated by other members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy, Schild, and Ralph Steiner, we are now able to grasp precisely how our solid-seeming 3D reality is in fact, an illusion.  Once our “spiritual eyes” are opened by sudden contact with these other dimensions, that condition assumes predominance, and we are forever transformed by that realization.

Thus we have established a new framework, the Paranormal/Quantum Hologram Theory of ET Contact, for understanding that there are multiple paths toward contact with non-human intelligence.  Let us now summarize various ways that humans may experience such contact: Some people report being physically taken onboard UFO craft.  Others report contact that is purely mental, telepathic or “spiritual” in nature.  Still others claim to have been telepathically given gifts of advanced scientific knowledge that may someday be of great help to humanity.  All such encounter experiences are valid. We need to honor them as legitimate phenomena to be studied in ufological circles, and we also need to recognize them as potential fountainheads of a much deeper wisdom which can be explained via my proposed Paranormal/Quantum Hologram Theory of ET Contact.

Below is a list of common non physical ET contact modalities, and links where you may acquire additional information about them.




This topic is very dear to me.  After my interaction, together with my 10 year daughter and 3 adult friends, with a football stadium size craft in late August of 2012, I was “instructed” to spend anywhere from 12 to 18 hours per day reading ONLY NDE and Consciousnesses Studies books until December of 2012.  My wife was very concerned for me but was understanding because she has also seen many huge crafts and had experienced many paranormal experiences as well.

I had never spoken with anyone, except with my wife, about the topic of NDEs and Consciousness Studies until 4 months later, a week before Christmas.  In a 3 day period, Friday to Sunday, for the first time in my life, I began to have conversations on  NDEs–   the first two were strangers and the last was my own father.  I won the lottery each time because all 3 told me about their NDEs where they floated above their bodies, saw and heard everything around them including their dead body, went into a tunnel, saw the light at the end of the tunnel, met previously deceased relatives, met a “higher angelic being” that each identified as “God”, and in the case of my father, a life review which lasted in his opinion 20 years.  The first 3 times I ever spoke about NDEs after my interaction with that huge craft I “hit the lottery” 3 days in a row–  all 3 individuals had NDEs!  Was this a coincidence?  I do not think so.

This experience profoundly impacted me.  That Sunday evening after I left my father’s house, I looked up to the sky and spoke to GOD and these ETs and told them the following:  Congratulations, you have managed in 4 months to convert a complete atheist material rationalist and highly educated individual into an individual who has more faith in God, the spirit world, life after death, than any Catholic priest in Miami, Florida.  It was at this time that I realize that these ETs had a mission for me and they needed a “quick awakening” in order for me to accomplish their mission.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are probably the most publicized vehicle that individuals experienced contact with non-human intelligent beings.  As first defined by Dr. Raymond Moody in 1975 in his book, “Life After Life”, experiences which occur at the time of a person’s clinical death which reveal aspects of the afterlife experience and a variety of sub-clinical findings including but not limited to:  Ineffability, Hearing the News, Feelings of Peace and Quiet, the Noise, the Dark Tunnel, Out of the Body, Meeting Others, the Being of Light, the Review, the Border or Limit and Coming Back.

Thousands of People have reported having Near Death Experiences which completely change their lives when they return from them. A majority of individuals who have had NDEs see and interact with non-human intelligent beings, who they believe to be dead spirits, angels, and even God.

Some of the characteristics of their new lives include less interest in the material world, a more charitable spirit, a sense of purpose for their lives and a desire to do good thing which will benefit others.

The following are additional resources on NDEs where individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings:




The following are excellent sources to begin to learn about Mystical Meditation, also known as Mystical Travel, where individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings:

Books frm Google Books




Another well known way that individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings is via Out of Body Experiences (OBEs).

The following are other excellent sources to begin to learn about Out of Body Travel Experiences (OBEs) where individuals can have contact with non-human intelligent beings.




Yet another way that individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings is via Remote Viewing.

To learn more about Remote Viewing and how individuals have encountered non-human intelligent beings please review the following:



I believe the most famous way, or method, that individuals have encountered non-human intelligent beings is through the practices of the Shaman – Shamanism.
From the Oxford Dictionary;

“Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.  A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.”

To learn more about Shamanism and how the Shaman communicates with non-human intelligent beings, please review the following:    Bollingen/dp/0691119422

Google Books

Amazon Books




By definition, Channeling and Mediumship involves communication with non-human intelligent beings.  Our very own FREE Advisory Board member, Dr. Jon Klimo, has published the bestselling book on the topic of “Channeling” and his book of the same title has been translated into numerous languages.  Dr. Klimo is also regarded by many to be the top academic on the topic of the paranormal.

From “Channeling:  Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources” by Dr. Jon Klimo, FREE Advisory Board Member.

“Given the fact that many consider the mind to be nonphysical, I should explain further the part of my definition of channeling that says channeling does not include information received from one’s own or from another embodied person’s mind (at least as usually defined).  The mind of the ordinary self includes conscious and assorted altered stated like daydream and dream, as well as memories and the personal unconscious.  We need to exclude such ordinary, embodied mind from being a channeling source if we are to separate the study of channeling from disciplines already established to investigate versions of simply “talking to oneself”, clinical and cognitive psychology, and telepathy and ESP communication between minds of embodied persons (parapsychology).”

“Variations  on my definition of channeling have been formulated by fellow researchers; the field of channeling studies has yet to arrive at a consensus.  Fellow channeling researcher Arthur Hastings, president of the California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Menlo Park, California, shares my definition.  He defines channeling as “the process in which a person transmits messages from a presumed discarnate source external to his or her consciousness.”


William Kautz, a pioneer in working with channels at his Center for Applied Intuition in San Francisco, has a more open definition of channeling with regard to possible sources of information.  Using the term trance channeling, he defines it as “one form or aspect of mediumship” that “is a mental process in which an individual (the channel) partially or totally sets aside waking consciousness, to allow knowledge that lies beyond conscious awareness to flow into the mind.

To learn more about Channeling, and how we communicate with non-human intelligent beings, please refer to the following:

Amazon Books




This method of communication with non-human intelligent beings, is yet very common and has become very popular with the various paranormal TV productions seen by millions of viewers.  This type of communication includes the perception of “ghosts”, apparitions, poltergeists; engaging in directed communication with the “dead” via talented psychics and intermediary technologies.

Other additional sources are as follows:




Lucid Dreaming is closely related to OBEs and many individuals have reported interactions with non-human intelligent beings through this experience.

To learn more about Lucid Dreams and how individual have had contact with non-human intelligent beings, please refer to the following sources:

Amazon Books

A very familiar mechanism, or instrument, that many “Experieners” are familiar with that can induce communications with non-human intelligent beings is “Enhanced memory retrieval via hypnosis.
The following are additional sources to learn about Hypnosis.

Amazon Books

Any books written on the topic of “Past Life Regression”, including the works of     the following authors:  Dolores Cannon, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss,     and Dr. Bruce Goldberg.

The UFO alien abduction and contact literature is literally filled with countless books of Experiences being “regressed” using various “Hypnosis Techniques” to try to extract UFO related contact experiences.




Finally, yet another mechanism that individuals are experiencing contact with non-human intelligent beings is via the process of “Past Life Recall”.  Past Lives, a concept found in Reincarnation, is the concept that the soul, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body.

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body. This doctrine has been a pillar of the vast majority of historical indigenous cultures throughout the world including many many eastern religions/philosophy and many early Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It is also a common belief of various ancient and modern religions such as Spiritism, Theosophy, Eckankar and is still found in many tribal societies around the world, including as far off as Siberia, West Africa, North America, Australia and Latin America.

There are literally thousands of books on Past Life Experiences.  Some of the major authors in this field are as follows:  Dolores Cannon, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, among so many others.  Many contactee researchers utilize “hypnotic regression” to investigate ET contact experiences and many also undertake past life regression techniques in their practices.

There are also thousands of books on the topic of Reincarnation, including the majority of ancient religious tests, many of the mystical writings, and many academic and non-academic literature.  In addition, the extensive academic publications of Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor of Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, led to the first ever scientific and academic study of Reincarnation and the topic of Past Life Experiences.  Dr. Stevens travelled extensively throughout the world documenting thousands of cases of children who claimed to remember past lives. His cases were thoroughly documented but received severe critical responses from his skeptic academic peers similar to any and all academic researcher in the paranormal field.


To learn more about now individuals can have contact with non-human intelligent beings via Past Life Recall or via Reincarnation, please review the following:



by Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., MCP, PhD. Candidate, Co-Founder, FREE